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Coconut Oil [and English Posts]

Ihr Lieben,
Ich habe schon länger darüber nachgedacht auch auf Englisch zu posten.. Einmal, um mehr Leute zu erreichen, aber vorallem, weil ich diese Sprache liebe (und ML & ich das ja nunmal auch studieren.. ;)) Was haltet ihr davon? Ist das okay für euch? Ich weiß noch nicht, welches Ausmaß es annehmen wird, ob nur noch englische oder mehr deutsche Posts kommen werden. Ich denke, es wird sich da ein bisschen nach euch richten und wie mir danach ist.. ;) Heute jedenfalls der erste Post auf Englisch. Viel Spaß! (:

I’ve been thinking about posting in English for a while now. I thought I can reach more people like that and, mainly, because I love English as a language (that’s why I study it, too. And, as you may know, ML studies English as well.) What do you think about that? I don’t know yet if I’ll only post in English or incorporate both and just mix it up every now and then.. but for now, I hope you’ll enjoy reading this as much as I did writing it. Let’s get crackin’ with the important stuff.. (:

Coconut oil.

Coconut oil is an oil commonly used in cooking and baking, but it can also be used in many different ways and that’s where my love for it comes in. Being a (unfortunately unnatural) blonde now comes with a few disadvantages. Using bleach on your hair is obviously damaging it a lot and doing that over and over again won’t do it any better. So the state my hair was in after bleaching it for about 4-6 times was bad (to put it nicely). I couldn’t brush through my hair when it was wet – I know you’re not supposed to anyway, but I couldn’t even put my parting back in, because it was so sticky. Sticky as in it felt like rubber instead of hair and I could feel it stretching when I touched and tried to detangled it. I was told that was the case because it was so dry that it just soaked up any moisture/water it could get and didn’t let go of it. It took me ages to dry my hair, so that letting it air dry wasn’t really an option anymore.
To cut a long story short, after a bit of researching I ordered some coconut oil off Amazon. Coconut oil helps with dryness (I’m testing it as a skin moisturizer at the moment as well) and reduces protein loss when used in hair. So as soon as it arrived I put a generous amount on my hair (focusing mainly on the ends, because that’s where my hair was most dry, but I also put a bit directly on my scalp, because it felt a bit itchy from bleach that dripped on it), put my hair up an threw a shower cap over it and went to bed. I wouldn’t recommend using it during the day, because it leaves your hair looking really oily and therefore a bit dirty. Plus, if you leave it on your hair over night it can really sink into your hair (and scalp). The next morning I just rinsed it out under the shower (you might have to shampoo twice, but I personally normally don’t) and shampooed and conditioned it as I normally would. It left my hair feeling a lot smoother already, so now I added it into my routine and used it twice a week for about a month and now I normally use it once a week or whenever I have the time really. I can now (after about 8-10 weeks of using it) put my parting in when my hair is wet and it doesn’t feel like rubber anymore, but like hair again. It is still not in a great condition, but it doesn’t feel overly damaged either. I feel like now I’m in a state where my hair is obviously damaged from the bleach, but still nice enough that I can use heat on it again every once in a while. It still takes a bit longer to dry than it did before, but it improved a lot – and I think that’s mainly because of the coconut oil (and using less heat than before).
Besides from the really nice affect the oil has on my hair, I find it really easy to use. I tried using olive oil before (as I had that in my kitchen anyway), but I found it too runny. Coconut oil is a solid state if you put in the fridge and if you take it out about ten minutes before you want to use it, it is nice and workable, like a hair gel. I section my hair beforehand and then scoop a bit into my hand, let it melt (it melts from body temperature) and put it onto my hair, section by section.

As I mentioned, I’m testing it as a skin moisturizer as well and I’m liking it so far, but I want to give my skin a few more weeks to really adjust to it before I make a final statement. Would you be interested in that as well? Also, have you used coconut oil before? What for and do you like it or do you prefer other oils?

Talk soon,

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