Samstag, 16. November 2013

New in.

If you follow me on Instagram already these products might not surprise you, but I think most of you don't so I thought I show them off here as well anyway. (: I went to DM to just quickly pick up my favourite mascara again, because I ran out of it - as you can see it's the Catrice - Lashes to kill Volume waterproof and it is the best mascara I ever tried. I normally don't go for waterproof mascara as you might now, because they're such a pain to remove, but this one is really worth the extra minute I have to spent wiping it off my face again. It is to date the only mascara that doesn't smudge on me and holds the curl.

Also, I picked up the Essence Studio Nails - Better than gel nails Topsealer. I loved the old formula and am a bit scared if I will love the new as much, but I shall give it a try.. cause all other topcoats leave me with bed sheets prints on my nails, even if I paint them hours before going to bed. So please don't let me down, Essence (I still don't get why they had to redo the topsealer in the first place anyway?!).. I make sure to let you know if it (still) does wonders to my nails. ;)

Aaand, finally, as I wandered around the drugstore, I found a lot of freshly arrived Limited Editions - yayyy.. and as you can see I couldn't resist. But could you? I'm normally not a huge blusher person but this one is just so damn pretty. <3 It's a Catrice Blusher from the Rocking Royals Limited Edition in the colour c01 Punk up the Royals. I used it once already, but only the lighter shade and eventhough I'm veeery fair it still didn't look clowny - so thumbs up for that. For autumn I like to go for darker colours and I think the darker red shade (which has a bit of golden shimmer in it) might look really pretty in winter, because I hope it'll make me look like I've been outside for a few hours eventhough I just spent the day inside uni. I'll let you know as soon as I gave it a go.  (:

Have you bought anything from the latest Limited Editions? Have you tried the new formulated Topsealer? Let me know and I'll talk to you very soon, lovelies. (:

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