Dienstag, 3. Dezember 2013

Yet another drugstore haul

Lovelies, I just couldn't resist.. ;) Went to to town with my boyfriend on Friday with the intention on just stucking up on a few bits and bobs I needed.. and ended up buying a few more things.. (sorry for the crappy quality, just a quick snapshot from my phone)

Let's start with the rather boring bits though.. I got myself a new pair of contactlenses and the liquid to store them in over night - and yes, I'm kinda blind without my lenses.  Then I repurchased my Bebe young care make up removing wipes for sensitive skin. I like them to get off the oily feeling after using my eye make up remover pads and I find that these ones are the only face wipes that don't make my face itch.. so I repurchased them countless times already.

I also got myself a new Schwarzkopf Got2be 'Schutzengel', a heat protecting spray. I simply adore the smell of it (as I mentioned before, I think) and repurchased it quite a few times as well. I don't really know if it is better than other heat protection sprays, but it does the job and works fine for me.
Then, right next to it one the shelf I grabbed something that hit my attention a few times already, so I splurged out and got it this time: The Scharzkopf Got2be 'Schmusekatze', a antifrizz lotion. Only tried it once so far, but as the Schutzengel spray, it smells really got and helped to tame down my frizzy hair, as I didn't feel like straightening it at the weekend. I'll give it another few tries and let you know, if you're interested in that. (:

Next I got a new showergel by Balea, DMs own brand. I love their relaxing showergels and this is one I didn't try before (I think it's a rather new one, too?!) - it smells really sweet, a bit of cherry might be in it, I'm not too sure - but I do like it a lot. Not for everyday, but when I come home from after a long day of uni and work and just want to hop into bed after my shower. ;)

I also finally bought one of the Maybelline Baby lips in 'cherry me'. It reminds me a lot of the Labello fruity shine in 'cherry', to be honest, but it feels a bit softer on the lips, a bit more silicony perhaps. For winter I quite like that though, so I might have to get another one of these.

And, last but not least, I finally bought one of the Manhattan lip laquers in '005 Mystic Midnight'. Only swatched on my hand so far, but I shall give it a go tomorrow (and if I do, stay tuned for a photo on my instagram for that ;) )

Have you tried any of these products yet? Do you love, hate them? What do you think about the Maybelline baby lips balms? Are they really worth the hype or just another (slighty pricier) lipbalm?

Talk soon,

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